Welcome to the Official Site of Aoede's New Album and Musical

An original fantasy musical/rock opera for young adults and kids at heart!
Think "Harry Potter" and "Percy Jackson" meet "Into the Woods!"

  Do You Believe In Magic? Audiobook Highlights  

Take a spellbinding journey to the cursed Kingdom of
Wonderhaven, where a Muse has a secret, and enchanted books and witches
break into song!

Aoede's adventures continue! This time, Aoede the Muse of Song is the ultimate outsider in the magical Kingdom of Wonderhaven, but she wants desperately to belong. But when dark witches place Wonderhaven under a curse, Aoede is forced to use the magic she's sworn never to use again to save her new home! 


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Videography: Benoit Lacasse, Mister WA
Do You Believe In Magic? Highlights from May 4, 2015 Staged Reading!



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all artwork: Ryan Durney

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